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Divine Worship Service
Welcome to Highline Seventh-day Adventist Church
We are glad you joined us today. We hope that you will experience God’s presence as we worship together.
Please register your visit with us and it is our hope that you will come again.


Riddle hint: You will find the answer in Judges somewhere before chapter 6.

Other announcements

Sunset Lake camp is now in session for tween, ages 12-13 and will be over Sunday (July 23).  Tween plus (ages 11-13) begins Sunday and the following Sunday July 30, Teen (ages 14-17) begins for those same age groups.  There are still speciality camps available as well.  For more information http://www.sunsetlake.org/summer-camp/specialty-camps/  and  http://www.sunsetlake.org/summer-camp/base-camps/  Please get with the pastor or Elder Skiggn if you are interested.